Baby Skincare Lip Balm

Baby Skincare  Lip Balm
Baby Skincare Lip Balm

Great natural skin care for kids with the benefits of natural ingredients and a great smooth feel combined with

Just the right amount of super moisturizing and healing natural oils, blended with olive butter and beeswax.  Feelts light and smooth, not waxy. Big wide tube for lips that are chapped down to the chin - one quick swipe and your Sprout is good to go.  Also great for chapped cheeks!  Turn sideways for a regular, just-on-the-lips application.  De-crisps almost any kisser!

A huge .35 ounces (a regular lip balm is only.15) lasts a long time!

Available in three fun flavors!

Chocolate (rich and creamy)

Frosting (creamy and sweet)

PB&J (no actual peanuts, but smells just like your favorite lunch!)

Key ingredients:

Olive Butter
Jojoba Oil
Avocado Oil
Pumpkin Seed Oil

The perfect blend of natural ingredients for a smooth feel and lasting, soothing relief from dry, chapped lips. Natural skin care for kids has never felt so good!

* Just so you know...due to the high concentration of butters and oils and relatively low level of wax (leading to the nice smooth feel) this balm is likely to get squashy and melty if it is left in a hot place (like a car or shipping box in the summer).

Once it cools down (in the fridge or just out of the heat for a while) it should firm right back up...

Price:Was $8.00 Sale! $6.00
PB&J (doesn’t contain peanut products)

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